Loette is widely referred to as the “birth control pill” because it is an oral contraceptive or pregnancy prevention drug. This drug contains two dynamic hormones, Levonorgestrel and Ethinylo Estradiol, which, when taken correctly, prevent pregnancy. Taking Loette slows the maturation of the egg, making it more difficult for it to emerge. It also changes the consistency of cervical mucus, making it more difficult for sperm to connect to the egg. It changes the uterus’s coating, making it unsuitable for embedding. The majority of women who used this contraceptive pill said it was successful.

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Dosage direction of Loette

To follow the Loette dosage, one must be physically fit and provide the doctor with a comprehensive medical history for the preventive measure. Well, the dosage is quite simple; all you have to do is take it once a day, at the same time. After menstruation, one tablet per day must be taken and counted.It means you need to take the tablet of loette for at least 21 days taking break of 7 days of menstruation & after menstruation you need to start with other kit of loette. It’s a non-hormonal pills comprises 21 pink color pills ought to be taken appropriately. Loette is not only serves in averting pregnancy, but also seems harmless with other drugs. It’s a contraceptive emergency supplement that deters getting pregnant. Its best birth control pills for the women, who don’t want to conceive a baby soon.

Prevention therapy

Loette is a birth control pill, not an abortion pills. You need not to consume this supplement once you get pregnant; since, this may harm your baby. Missing any of the dose in sexual practice may turn you get pregnant. Hence, take the dose as it has been recommended. Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cigarette.


Giddiness, vomiting, nausea, fever, stomach disorder, exhaustion, etc. can be seen in a form of side-effects.


Kindly store the medicine in your contact and in the room temperature.

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