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Silagra has made its way into the top ten efficient pharmaceuticals for producing a successful action during the night in guys suffering from this horrible sexual illness just a few years after its introduction as an ED medication. You can not only have a lot of fun in your life, but you can also get rid of the mental burden and worry that impotence has placed on you.

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Action Mechanism :The sildenafil citrate in Silagra inhibits the enzyme type 5 phosphodiesterase, which alters the overall effect of impotence in males. The increase in blood flow to the penile area and the relaxation of smooth muscle are both aspects of the game, with the goal of achieving sexual erection on stimulation and maintaining it until the entire act is accomplished.

Dosage : The dosage of 50 mg of Silagra on a daily basis has been found to exert a potent effect on your love life and improve your sexual endeavor. Keeping in mind the safety and efficacy of individuals in mind, medical professionals recommended males not to take more than 100 mg of this drug per day. Hence, acquire the entertainment and magic in love life only with the aid of this powerful medication.

Advantages : This cheap Silagra medication exerts a powerful jerk to the erectile dysfunction thereby advancing the life of impotent male that was stuck in fearful nights and shameful attitude to a new world of love, sexual pleasures and happiness.

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