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Famvir is an antiviral medicine that is expected to relieve viral or herpes infections. Taking these vitamins helps to slow the virus’s development and spread. It keeps diseases from spreading and becoming more complicated. Online Famvir has been recommended as a great way to get rid of the virus. You can get this drug online and have it delivered to your home. Also, to obtain the best online Famvir at a reasonable or low cost

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Directions for administration

You can take famvir online with or without food, however it works best when taken with food. The number of pills required varies depending on the severity of the virus. To treat shingles, take 1 mg supplements three times a day for at least seven days or as long as the doctor recommends. The medication works to reduce the symptoms of herpes infection and prevent it from spreading. For the treatment of genital herpes, a dosage of 500mg twice a day for a minimum of three days was used.


Do follow the prescription well as it has been proposed. An over consumption may lead to cause a kind of side-effects. A person facing any health impediments must circumventtaking this pill.The dosage of 500 mg has been recommended to take. One must take it with plentiful of water. Try not to merge any other linctus along with this. Try maintaining sufficient level of gap between the dosages.

Side-effects of famvir

Head ache, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, etc. are some widely seen form of side-effects.Practicing it in over range enhances such type of issues.


Store the drugs in the box so that the air could not get pass in to it.Exposing it to the sunrays, heat or moisture leads to turn the drug affect less. Try not to get it in contact of the child. Once the tablet turns outdated dispose it to the safe place.

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