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Sildenafil citrate is a crucial component in every sexual treatment medicine that has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of ED, a sexual health problem that affects men (Erectile Dysfunction). Using sildenafil citrate-containing medications has a remarkable potential to free men from sexual barriers such as infertility or ED, and to reward them with a life full of wonderful sexual nights.This drug found working well due to its outstanding quality, quantity and effect. It is considered a best ED mending medicine and assuaging sexual disorder that usually lasts in men throughout the life. The tablet not only amplifies your sexual life and augments a strong spirit to your love night, but also moderates your sexual barriers and upset life. Man suffering from sexual erection looks for the finest solution, where sildenafil citrate stood an outstanding and potent one. Order online Sildenafil citrate to get this pill in a cheapest price.

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Directions for administration

In general, it’s recommended to start with a modest dose and gradually increase it if necessary or if the pills don’t work. Starting with 50 mg pills is possible, but only after proving one’s health fitness. Take the medicine one hour before sexual intercourse, as it takes 40 minutes for the chemical to combine with the blood and start working. After taking this medication, one can gladly stay in bed for 5 to 6 hours. Taking the drug on a daily basis would be harmful to one’s health. It is recommended that the dosages be separated by one day. It should only be consumed during sexual excitement. Without breaking, crushing, or mashing the sildenafil citrate medicine, take it with or without water.

Prevention measures 

Person facing a sexual disorder called ED only must take this supplement. A female or any normal functioning man must avoid having taking this medicine. One must keep control on their diet plan, do not consume heavy, spicy, oily and cheesy meal. Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes should be restricted completely; since, it causes side-effects and turns the medicine effect less. Anyone allergic to this component must shun taking this pill. Do not take two different pills together. Follow the dosage as it has been directed.


Blurry or unclear vision, headache, body pain, weakness, giddiness are some most seen phase of side-effects.

Storage: Place it in a moderate temperature and completely in your contact.

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