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Diane 35, commonly known as Dianette, is a low-dose monophase oral hormonal contraception that also contains anti-androgenic ingredients.

Cyproterone + Ethinylestradiol is a major component of Diane-35.

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Anti-androgen effect of Dianette:

The presence of Cyproterone acetate in Dianette indicates that it has the ability to bind to receptors in a subtle manner the natural sex hormones of males known as androgens. Cyproterone reduces the motivation of androgens produced in the female body, which aids in the treatment of obstacles caused by an excess of androgens or an increased vulnerability in them.

An impact of Contraceptive Diane-35

Diane-35 encumbers the ovulation & modifies the fatness of cervical mucus. Along with anti-androgenic elements, cyproterone has gestagen deed, which makes up the element of progesterone. Cyproterone put off the secretion of pituitary gonadotrophic hormones & coerces ovulation. Ethinylestradiol elevates central and peripheral outcome of cyproterone on ovulation upholds a high thickness of cervical mucus, making it tricky for the sperm to move in the uterus results unfaltering contraceptive effect. It is used as a contraceptive pill to obviate pregnancy in women. This particular pill comprises a progestogen and an oestrogen hormone, which works consequently as an oral contraceptive birth control pill, also known as ‘the Pill’. 

Practicing this pill you will also experience certain benefits:-

  • Regular menstruation – tentatively consequent decline in anemia (iron scarcity)
  • Ease in menstruation pain
  • Drop of unctuousness in skin and hair.

How to take diane-35?

Practicing one supplement daily at the same time has been recommended to take. You have to practice this pill every day not resisting of how repeatedly you have sex with the partner. This really will monitor you reminisce when to take the medicine. Since, it is an oral supplement, one need to consume it with plentiful of water; it doesn’t matter if you take it before or after meal. You can see each package is patent with the day of the week. Take the first drug from the red zone section pointed on the sachet or box, equivalent to the day of the week. Follow the way of the arrows pointed on the sachet set until all the medicines have been consumed. Do initiate a new pack of it as a pregnancy prevention pills on the same day of the week as your earlier pack have been initiated.

Side-effects of diane 35:

Vomiting, giddiness, weakness, head pain, queasiness, stomach disorder, etc.


Store the medicine in the room temperature.

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