Yasmin is a type of hormonal contraceptive pill that is taken orally and reduces the risk of pregnancy. One can also term it as the pregnancy prevention or combined oral contraceptive tablet. The medicine of tablet comprises two active ingredients, Ethinyl Estradiol 30 microgram & Drospirenone 3 mg.Thisstated as anartificial versions of the naturally thrilling female sex hormones, Estrogen & Progesterone. Ethinyl Estradiol is a mock version of Estrogen & Drospirenone is an unreal form of progesterone. Buy yasmin online in a low-price to reduce the risk of fertilization.

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What is the mechanism of the yasmin?

Yasmin inhibits ovulation by thickening the cervical covering, preventing sperm from entering the uterus and forming an egg. This contraceptive tablet can be used by anyone who has begun to experience menstruation. Yaz has the potential to block the hormone that helps to build a pregnancy. It is one of the most effective methods for preventing pregnancy through medicine. This contraceptive pill can be used by anyone who wants to be safe while having sex.

Dosage direction of Yasmin

The supplements of Yasmin acts well to abandon the ovulation function offorming egg. It consequencesbarring of an egg, from getting mature & develop, every month. In a day one need to take one pill by sustaining a 24 hours gap. Missing any of the dosesmay lead you turn get pregnant? The kit of 28 days birth control embraces7 “reminder” pills to run your regular menstruation process. You perhaps face bleeding, mostly during the first 3 months, if in case the bleeding exceeds more than concern months rush to consult your doctor. Taking this pregnancy preventionpills comforts the menstruation symptoms and pain. It also helps women to assuage their menstrual condition like heavy bleeding, pain & infrequent periods. Yasmin has been specified as a monophasic medicine. Taking one supplements in a day for around 21 days continuously has been directed to take by maintaining a gap of 7 days (menstruation process). After, this you need to start with a new kit.

Side effect:

Biliousness, dryness of the vagina, rough skin texture, head ache, mood swing, irritation, stomach disorder, etc.


Kindly store the contraceptive kit in the container to prevent it from kids, moisture and heat.

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