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Be assured about your pregnancy with I-can pregnancy test Kit

A pregnancy test kit is meant to identify the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in a pregnant woman’s urine. If the lady follows the same instructions as specified in the patient leaflet, the home tests are equivalent to the tests that are performed in laboratories using urine.

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How does pregnancy test kit detect hCG?

The sperm fertilizes the egg in the fallopian tube, which is where most conceptions take place. The fertilized egg takes 9 days to enter the uterus and is implanted with the uterus lining. The uterus then begins to release hCG into the pregnant woman’s bloodstream. This hCG can also be discovered in pregnant women’s urine, which can be done using a pregnancy test kit or in a lab.

This hCG is the hormone that is released by the cells of the placenta to develop the fetus. This hormone after being released into the blood comes to the kidney for the filtration and then it is passed as a waste to the urine hence this hormone can be detected in the urine. But this hormone does not immediately get detected just after conception. It takes almost 9 to 10 days to release.

How to get results from home pregnancy test?

Normally if you take a pregnancy test then you should understand that you require a lot of patience some kits do show results in few minutes but some take as long as 15 minutes to show positive or perfect results. Before using any pregnancy kit you need to check the guidelines present in the kit. Different kits have different ways of testing the urine.

The test kits normally suggest pregnancy by different types of codes; some kit use the sign of plus and minus, some use different colors for denoting pregnancy and in some, it is displayed pregnant or not pregnant.

The first type of pregnancy test kit is a test strip or a dipstick that is either dipped in the collected urine or is held in the urine stream. Where the tester is dipped in the urine there you should hold the display window above and in the same case if you are using the test strip then you need to submerge one part of the strip in the urine.

The second type of pregnancy kit is where a small vent or well like structure is made beside the display window. The collected urine is poured into it with the help of a dropper. Normally 2 to 3 drops are sufficient to give you a positive result. The display window gives you the indication of your pregnancy.

How early can home pregnancy test kit give results?

Some test kits are so sensitive that it shows the result as soon as you have missed your periods but normally most of the kits show positive results only after the kit has been used to after one week after the missed period’s dates.

These test kits also differ from according to every woman as all women have different time for ovulation and ovulation keeps varying every month hence no one can detect the exact ovulation day.

Which is the best time to take the pregnancy test?

The pregnancy test should be taken in the morning with the help of the first urine as this urine gives the best result. The hCG gets deposited in the urine during the entire night and this can be perfectly seen in the first urine as the deposits are high. This is the best method to get a good result whether your pregnancy kit is a sensitivity or not.

Why is the home pregnancy test suggested?

Some women who are eagerly waiting for a child this pregnancy test kit gives them a source to be happy so that they can be sure before getting the pregnancy blood tests which include a lot of costs as well as the doctor’s visit. Only after they have been confirmed with this test they can precede with their next move. In case they prove to be negative they will not have to spend the unnecessary costs on the tests.

How to use i-can for pregnancy detection?

  • You have to collect the first-morning urine sample in a container focus on collecting the midstream urine as this contains the highest amount of hCG.
  • You will now have to use a dropper and put 2 drops of your urine in the place written as S.
  • Do not add the drops one after the other, once the previous drop has been absorbed then give the second drop of urine.
  • Have patience and leave the kit aside for some time say 10 minutes. While this time you can involve in tea making or some exercises so that you do not get impatience after this read the test results.

How to read the results of i- can pregnancy kit?

This i-can pregnancy test kit shows pink or dark purple colored lines through the display window. If you find two lines along the printed T (test) and C (control) area then your result for pregnancy is positive. If you find any one line in the C area and the T area shows no changes then your pregnancy is negative and if no line appears then your pregnancy test is invalid. If you get an invalid pregnancy test then we suggest you take a second pregnancy test kit and check the results.

Tips to get the best test results:

  • You should take your test only after your missed days of last period. If you take this before your missed period dates then this may give you a negative result as the hCG are not high at this time.
  • Do not drink too much of water as this can dilute the hCG present in the urine and you may not get the desired results.
  • Avoid touching the area where you will drop the urine as this contains the necessary chemicals that will help you to detect the presence of hCG in the urine.
  • Do not splash any water on the pregnancy detection kit as this will fail the tests.

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