Yaz is a solid form of oral pills that contains Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol. It helps to prevent ovulation and functions as a best birth control pill to reduce the risk of pregnancy.

It changes the shape of the cervical and uterine surfaces, making it far more difficult for sperm to enter the uterus and create an egg. The best thing about this drug is that it may be used by a 15-year-old female who wants to get sexually involved but doesn’t want to get pregnant. This dose can be used by a woman who has had her first period.

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Yaz dosing instructions

Yaz comes in a kit of 24 hormonal pills (active medicines) and four non-hormonal pills (inactive drugs). Every day, you must take one pill with plenty of water, without mashing or crushing it. It is necessary to keep a one-day gap between dosing. The 28-day pregnancy prevention package contains seven “reminder” pills to keep your menstrual cycle regular. This ensures that you are on your period on a regular basis. While using this drug, you may experience excessive menstrual bleeding for at least three months.

Prevention measures of yaz

One must avoid consuming yaz once turned pregnant or planning to conceive. Yaz is pregnancy prevention pills not an abortion one. Anyone addicted to alcohol or smoking cigarettes must avoid taking it completely. Run the dose as it has been directed without missing any of the doses. You need to take the supplements every day same time. Missing any of the doses may enhance the risk of pregnancy. Prior using this kit makes sure that you are not facing any kind of severe health disorders.


Numbness, weakness, head pain, chest pain, vomiting, etc. are some wide seen form of side-effects.


Kindly store it in the room temperature devoid of exposingit to sunlight, air,and kids.

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